Li-ion Battery Incidents: Non-Aircraft Related

Dell advises people not to use 3rd party accessories after laptop explodes

February 27, 2018


New battery recalls expose lithium fire risks

February 9, 2018


Fire started by laptop being charged

February 7, 2018


Furniture fire at Bettendorf apartment caused by laptop battery

February 5, 2018


Hot laptop battery blamed for metro apartment fire

January 27, 2018


Smartphone Battery Explodes After Man Inexplicably Bites Into It

January 23, 2018


Overheated Laptop Causes Maryland Apartment Building Fire, Displacing 2 Dozen

January 20, 2018


iPhone battery explodes, injures 7 in Zurich

January 9, 2018


Laptop left charging on couch causes Hamden fire | WTNH Connecticut News

December 6, 2017


Here's why you shouldn't throw electronics in the trash

December 4, 2017


Charging laptop causes apartment fire in the U.K.

December 1, 2017


Tesla Model S Burns Down After Accident In Austria

October 18, 2017


iPhone explodes, catches fire near infant, burns couple

August 18, 2017


Family's thanks to council after returning home within days following devastating laptop fire

August 17, 2017


Woman Suffered 2nd-degree Burns When Fitbit Exploded

April 22, 2017


E-Cigarette Popularity Increasing, But Battery Explosion Cases Also On The Rise

April 3, 2017


Hoverboard caused fire that killed one girl, age 4 and injured two others in Harrisburg, PA

March 11, 2017


E-cig catches Lawyer's pants on fire during arson trial

March 9, 2017


Quick thinking saves owner from exploding MacBook Pro

February 28, 2017


Apple to investigate iPhone that "blew up"

February 24, 2017


Samsung Galaxy S6 Active catches fire in bedroom while charging

February 10,2017


FSU Student says Google phone caught on fire

February 7, 2017


Laptop fire caught on camera

February 4, 2017


Samsung announces what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to overheat and explode

January 22, 2017


Gray woman claims Samsung phone exploded, destroyed her car; company responds

December 15, 2016


Huff, Puff and Explode: E-Cigarette Fires, Injuries on Rise

December 14, 2016


Samsung Galaxy S7 Explodes in Winnipeg Man's Hands Causing Him Second Degree Burns

December 8, 2016


Woman grateful after laptop almost burned down her house

Nov 11, 2016


E-cigarette Explodes Setting Man Ablaze in France

Oct 29, 2016


Woman "passes out" from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smoke and Vapors

October 12, 2016


iPhone 7 destroys car in Australia

October 10, 2016


Samsung knew a third replacement Note 7 caught fire on Tuesday and said nothing

October 9, 2016


It appears another safe Galaxy Note 7 has exploded

October 8, 2016


Another Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Has Reportedly Caught Fire

October 8, 2016


Exploding E-Cigarettes Sending 'Vapers' to Burn Centers

October 5, 2016


Elizabethton Teen Hospitalized after E-Cigarette Explodes on Ride at Orlando Theme Park

October 2, 2016


Can You Trust the Lithium-Ion Battery in Your Pocket?

September 19, 2016


Brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursts into flames while charging and burns family car

September 8, 2016


Battery fire risk goes well beyond Samsung

September 2, 2016


Samsung Expected to Announce Recall of New Galaxy Note 7 Due to Exploding Batteries

September 1, 2016


Smoking laptop prompts Ferdinand Elementary evacuation

August 23, 2016


Tesla Model S catches on fire during a test drive in France

August 15, 2016


Sydney bike rider Gareth Clear left with third-degree burns after iPhone 'explodes'

August 3, 2016


Laptop Left Charging Causes Home Fire in the UK

July 25, 2016


More than 500,000 Hoverboards are being recalled due to the threat of Li-ion Battery Fires

July 6, 2016


Family escapes apartment after laptop ignites bedding early Monday morning

June 13, 2016


Laptop on Bed Causes House Fire in Stamford, CT

May 27, 2016


NY Teen Badly Injured by Exploding e-Cigarette

April 15, 2016


Toshiba is recalling 100,000 laptop batteries because they keep melting

April 01, 2016


Frequency of E-Cigarette Explosions May Force FDA to Regulate

February 29, 2016


12-Year-Old Boy's "Hoverboard" Catches Fire While Charging

February 24, 2016


Kingsport Family Warns of Hoverboard Dangers After Explosion

February 24, 2016


E-Cigarette Battery Explodes, Burning Man's Leg

February 24, 2016


Hoverboard blamed for destroying $1 million Nashville home

February 09, 2016


Laptop Causes Fire in Dental Office

January 27, 2016


Hoverboard catches fire at mall

December 9, 2015


Grandview teen says cellphone exploded in pocket

Joshua Myer; suffers 2nd-degree burns to legs

June 29, 2015


Exploding smartphones: After two recent cases in Alberta, a look at why your electronics might catch fire

May 19, 2015


Boy, 12, has chunk of flesh blown from his FACE after his mobile phone explodes while charging

April 10, 2015


Seven-Year-Old Boy Dies After Chinese Mobile Phone Explodes

March 31, 2015


iPhone 5C explodes in New York man's pocket

March 03, 2015


Teenage girl awakes to find her Samsung Galaxy smartphone smoldering under her pillow after burning her bed

July 25, 2014


Samsung Cell Phone Fire

July 24, 2014


Dell laptop explodes in 72-year-old’s face as she plays Spider Solitaire

July 02, 2014


Bucks County Woman Injured When Laptop Computer Explodes

June 30, 2014


Exploding Cell Phones


iPad Air catches fire in Vodafone store

November 08, 2013


Galaxy S4 reportedly catches fire, burns down whole apartment

July 31, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S III self combusts while charging

May 29, 2013


Samsung cell phone battery explodes in man's pocket

February 06, 2013


Droid smartphone explodes in man's ear [VIDEO]

December 03, 2010


Man killed after his mobile phone explodes, severing an artery in his neck

February 03, 2009


Samsung Cell Phone Fire

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