PED Fire Toxicity

PlaneGard is the only technology to contain 100% of the toxic vapors that are associated with a PED / Li-ion battery fire. Burn bags do not contain these vapors!  See our comparison test videos for visual proof.


This page contains articles, links and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) related to the human health hazards associated to a Li-ion battery fires and their toxic vapors.  These hazards include Inhalation, Eye Contact and Skin Contact.  The scientific community has performed detailed studies of Li-ion batteries in thermal runaway and has identified decomposition products present in the escaping vapors that include but are not limited to: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethane, hydrogen, hydrofluoric acid, methane, organic fluorophosphates, phosphoryl fluoride and phosporus pentoxide.   Please note that despite the fact that some of these documents are related to Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles and home power, the Li-ion battery technology is the same as those used on-board aircraft in personal electronic devices.

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